Here are links to some of our favorite sites, sorted by type. We try to keep these current, but if you notice a broken link to any of the sites listed below, let us know.


Adobe: Pretty much the biggest name in software for the graphics field has to be Adobe. We use several of their products. Since they merged Macromedia into their corporate fold, nearly all our software is Adobe. For page layout, we use Adobe InDesign. For image editing and creating bitmap graphis (including web graphics), we use Adobe Photoshop. For illustrations, logos, and other vector graphics, we use Illustrator, but occasionally go back to FreeHand, a Macromedia product. For website creation, we use another former Macromedia product, Dreamweaver. We use Flash for some animations.


Typograf: This a great shareware package that supports True Type, Postscript, and Open Type fonts. If you're on a Windows computer, this is a great tool.


Total Commander: For general file maintenance on our Windows XP production computer, this is a must-have tool. The tools that come with Windows can’t even compare to the power of this dynamite shareware package. We highly recommend it.

Our production has mostly been moved to a Mac, and use a similar product, Disk Order, on that platform.



Our complete list of font bookmarks would take up way too much room!! Besides, there are so many good font link sites out there, it would be redundant to repeat them all here. Instead, below are a few of our never-miss favorites.


Font Diner: For great retro fonts, you must check out the Font Diner. They're yummy!


Font Garden: This delightful font site has infrequent updates, but she maintains a nice archive. Besides some wonderful and unique faces, Font Garden has a fantastic collection of handwriting fonts and dingbats.



Stock.xchng: If you're looking for excellent free photography, be sure to check out this site.


Desktop Publishing

DT&G: The Electronic Journal of Design, Typography & Graphics (DT&G) is the official publication of the Design & Publishing Center, published continuously since 1990 for desktop publishing, graphic design, web design, illustration, photography and other fields in visual communications.

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